Casey Juanxi Li. Computer science + ML student, tinkerer, and breaker of things. Currently living in London, UK.

Have been tearing computers apart and writing really bad HTML since the age of 9. Picked up Java, Python, and C/C++ through a combo of school, job, and Youtube + StackOverflow.

My code has become less pasta-like over time!

MSc Applied Computing @ University of Toronto until Dec 2019, Wharton ‘15. Here’s what I’ve been up to in between.

“Uhh…why is this blog called notsquirrel.com?”

There’s a great moment in Silicon Valley Season 4 where Jian Yang trains a classifier that predicts whether something is a hotdog or not-hotdog.

So I made a silly app that tells you whether something is a squirrel or a not-squirrel. 🙃